Keep your inbox clean with automated labels and filters

Want to tidy up your inbox? Let Gmail automatically archive incoming email, so you can focus on the most important messages. Create filters to delete, star, and forward your mail, or to keep certain types of messages out of spam. Ensure organization by applying labels to incoming messages, such as work, family, and more. You can even create a filter to automatically label and remove messages from your inbox, until you’re ready to view them at a more convenient time.

Undo sent messages

Make a typo in your email? Forget to add a recipient? Change your mind about sending a message? Take back a message you just sent for up to 30 seconds by enabling Gmail’s Undo Send feature.

Focus on important email first

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of messages in your inbox and how long it takes to go through them? Gmail’s Priority Inbox helps you focus on high priority messages by automatically separating them from the rest of your email. Priority Inbox separates your inbox into 3 sections—Important and unread, Starred, and Everything else—and makes an informed guess about which messages are the most important to you. You can also highlight messages that are significant to you. Over time, Priority Inbox gets even better at predicting what’s important to you, helping you focus on the messages that matter.

Keep track of important tasks with a to-do list

Stay organized and prioritize your work with tasks in Gmail. Convert email into tasks with the click of a button, create due dates that automatically appear on your Calendar, and check tasks off as you're done. Keep your task list up-to-date from any device, any time.

Save time using prewritten replies

Do you find yourself sending the same messages frequently? Save time by using Gmail’s canned responses to create a standardized message for these occasions. Now, when you send email with identical content, you can use that pre-existing email without having to type out the same information every time.

Easily switch between multiple signatures

Create multiple signatures with Gmail's canned responses. Personalize each signature with different fonts, colors, photos, links, and other information.

Mute irrelevant email conversations

Keep getting email in a thread that you’re no longer interested in? Simply mute the email conversation to automatically archive future replies and keep your inbox clean. If you need access to muted messages later, it’s easy to find or unmute them.

Save time using keyboard shortcuts

Want to save time and work faster? Check out Gmail’s keyboard shortcuts and get more done with fewer clicks.

Find out when someone reads an email you sent

If you’re sending an important email to someone, find out when they’ve seen it by setting up a read receipt. When the person opens your message, you'll get an email that shows the date and time it was opened.

Use different task-specific email addresses without creating new accounts or aliases

If you don’t want to create multiple accounts or aliases for specific tasks, just add a plus sign (+) and any word before the @ sign in your current address. Messages can still reach you, and you’ll have an infinite amount of email addresses you can use for different purposes, such as signing up for newsletters (Ex: cassy+news@solarmora.com) or using a specific email for urgent requests (Ex: cassy+urgent@solarmora.com).

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