Engage with coworkers on a secure corporate social network

  • Create an online community where your employees can safely share team updates, new ideas, and common interests in real time.
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Share knowledge and ideas in your team’s forum

With posts, comments, and communities, Google+ makes it easy to stay in the loop, and exchange ideas with your team.

Connect with team members no matter where they are

Even remote workers and deskless colleagues can stay plugged into the latest company updates and conversations with powerful Android and iOS apps.

Control employee access to public content

With options ranging from fully public to fully private, choose whether your employees can view, create, and interact with public content from within your company network.

Photos and videos bring conversations to life

Google+ is a great way to share the latest demo video, screenshot, product photo or any rich media that is relevant to your followers.

Share, connect, and interact on the go

The Google+ app for Android and iOS lets you share on the go. Share locations and photos you've snapped on a business trip, and have them instantly saved and ready to share.

Google+ quickly gained popularity within our company for internal conversations—it’s essentially taken the place of our internal social network.

Martin Russell

Just Eat

Top questions about Google+

Can I control whether my public Community posts appear on my profile page?

Yes. Google+ settings let you decide if you want to display or hide your Google+ posts on your profile.

How is the privacy of user profiles maintained?

Administrators can set a default to block user profiles from showing in public web search results. Further, there are extensive user controls to restrict the visibility of profile information.

Do teams have the ability to keep social conversations private?

Yes. Restricted communities offer an extra layer of security where only users in your organization can join. Whether it’s designs of your beta product or notes from your team off-site, anything you post will remain restricted to the organization.