Customer Story


"Now we share and update documents with clients in real time. We simply put the document online, call the client and go over it live."

Simon Corbett, managing director of Jargon

Jargon PR specializes in media and analyst relations and runs worldwide campaigns for over 30 technology and corporate clients. Launched in 2008, and based in Hampshire, UK, within four years, the company had opened new offices in London and the US. This rapid expansion required Jargon PR to seek new ways of working and collaborating, and they found the solution with G Suite.

The company made the switch to G Suite with support from cloud-solutions provider Ancoris, and the new system has simplified collaboration with clients and agencies worldwide. “Collaboration is a big deal for us – we’re linking up with international clients and partner agencies all the time,” says managing director Simon Corbett. “Google Drive stores all documents online so there is a single storage point which is accessible 24/7.”

The company produces up to 500 press documents each month, all of which need to go through numerous edits and revisions. “Sending documents back and forth via our previous system was complicated and time-consuming,” Simon explains. “Now we simply put the document online, call the client and go over it live, which is great for deadlines and saves time.”

Mobility through G Suite is another big advantage. “It works seamlessly across all devices, which is great because the international team use a variety of different smartphones and tablets,” says Simon. “We can also give freelancers their own email addresses immediately, so we harmonize everything and appear to clients as a single global team.”

Simon believes G Suite has increased productivity by around 50 per cent. The company has also managed to reduce IT budgets by at least 25 per cent. “We’ve eliminated on-site storage costs and back-up worries.” This supports overall growth in agency fee income of 25 per cent in 2012, and expected growth of 40 per cent in 2013. In the future, Simon sees G Suite as an integral part of the Jargon PR sales proposition. “We can differentiate ourselves from competitors by offering clients online document storage, live document updates and instant contact with the team via Google Hangouts.”