Common questions when considering G Suite

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  • Can I move my old email, calendar events, and contacts to G Suite?

    Yes, you can bring your existing email, contacts, and calendar data with you to G Suite. You can migrate the data for yourself and your team members, or you can let your team migrate their own data. G Suite includes tools to migrate data from Microsoft® Exchange or Microsoft Office 365™, IBM® Notes®, and other email systems.

  • Will I experience email downtime during the transition?

    No, you’ll continue to send/receive email as usual. To use Gmail with G Suite, you setup your domain (MX records) to direct your mail flow to the Google mail servers. It’s like registering your new address with the post office so that mail is delivered to your new location. Once the MX records change takes effect (up to 72 hours), you can start receiving/sending email through your G Suite account. Until then, you’ll receive/send your email through your old mail system.

  • Will this transition affect my current website? Can you host my website?

    No, this transition will not affect your current website. Setting up G Suite does not require any changes to your current web host provider. While G Suite is not a web hosting provider, you can learn more about Google web hosting solutions through Google Cloud Platform.

  • Can I use my own domain with G Suite? If I don’t have an existing domain, what should I do?

    To use G Suite, you need a domain. Your domain name is what appears after the www. in your website URL. If you already have a domain, enter it when you sign up for G Suite. (You’ll be asked to verify that you own the domain.) If you don’t have a domain or want to use a different one with G Suite, you can purchase a domain of your choice (if available) from Google.

  • Can someone set up G Suite for my company?

    Yes, you can work with a G Suite partner. These experienced IT-service companies can help you evaluate, customize, deploy, and transition to G Suite. They can also provide training, data management, and ongoing support. If you have questions about setting up G Suite, you can also contact G Suite Support. The Support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Visit the Setup Site for information on setup, communication templates, and resources for deployment and change management.

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