Simplify communication and content sharing using one team address

Need to share the same information with your team members across the globe? Make communication about ideas and developments easier by creating a Groups email list for your team. Then, instead of emailing people individually, use the group’s email address to send status updates and share resources—such as team Calendars and Drive brainstorm documents—with everyone at once.

Brainstorm together in a shared document

Brainstorming ideas is easier when everyone can share information in one place and give instant feedback. Create a document that serves as a blank canvas for your team's ideas using Docs. Outline the information to be collected in the document and share with everyone (such as through your Groups email address). Edit together in real-time, chat within files, and get targeted feedback using comments and suggestions. Then, invite each team member to mark the three ideas they like best––the idea with the most votes is the winner.

Consolidate all brainstorm documents for quick sharing and access

Want an easy way to securely store and share your team’s brainstorm resources? In Drive or Team Drives, save all your team’s files in one folder, then share them instantly with your team’s Groups email address. When someone makes a change, Drive shows you what files have changed. Team members can securely access the latest files remotely on any device, at any time.

Prepare team members for meetings

Prepare team members by giving them a chance to preview relevant files before brainstorming sessions. When you send a meeting invitation to your co-workers in Calendar, attach documents, spreadsheets, presentations, agendas, and more—so everyone on the team is ready to contribute ideas.

Share and discuss ideas quickly in a video meeting

Want to brainstorm live with your remote team members? Start a Hangouts Meet video meeting. Prepare everyone in advance by sharing a document outlining agenda items. During the meeting, showcase an idea by sharing your screen, or share links to ideas or other online resources in the built-in group chat.

Poll your team for feedback on new concepts

Have a new idea from a brainstorm and want to know right away what people on your team or in your organization think? Crowdsource feedback from within your organization or across the globe on new products, ideas, and more with Google+ posts. After creating a Google+ community, share thoughts, photos, videos, links, polls, and more to start conversations. You’ll know right away if your ideas are on the right track.

Vote for winning ideas

After you’ve narrowed down the top ideas from a brainstorming session, ask your team to pick the winning idea in a Forms survey. View survey responses in Forms or Sheets—the built-in data summaries and charts make it easy to see which ideas are the most popular.

Keep track of ideas and tasks

Keep everyone on the team up-to-date on brainstorming sessions by tracking ideas and assigning tasks. Use Sheets to list ideas and allocate tasks to team members as the project takes off. Now, everyone can access the latest concepts, assignments, and due dates in one place and stay informed about new ideas and changing schedules.

Build your brainstorming site

Want to better manage future projects arising from your team’s brainstorming sessions? Keep track of brainstorming discussions by creating a dedicated project Site that team members can update and access from any device. Easily embed brainstorm documents, meeting notes, project schedules, and more so you can watch the whole project evolve over time.

Present a powerful pitch

Want to present a winning idea to your team in a brainstorming session? Have a winning idea already but need to get buy in from external stakeholders? Create a powerful presentation to get your message across using Slides. Add graphs, images, videos, and links to make an impactful presentation. Share ideas with your team and get constructive feedback instantly.

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