Let coworkers submit support requests

Let coworkers submit support requests with Forms. Include questions, such as a description of the problem, who reported the issue, who’s handling the issue, and the priority level. You can automatically send all responses to a spreadsheet, so you can track support cases and filter by priority.

Create bookable appointment slots

Let your coworkers know when you’re free using Calendar. Add open, bookable slots to your schedule. When people need to meet with you to discuss support cases, they can book an appointment with you.

Track support assignments

To keep up with who’s doing what, track your team’s support requests in Sheets. Create a tracking spreadsheet and share it with your team. Everyone can update their support requests and see the latest information. You can assign importance levels to filter and prioritize support cases, too.

Create an internal technical-support site

Create a support site for your organization using Sites. Add an FAQ, help videos, contact information, support forms, and more.

Host a public website for your customers

If you need a more powerful or advanced website, you can use Google Cloud Platform and App Engine. Stage drafts locally before publishing. App Engine keeps an archive of all published versions, so you can activate different versions. You can also split traffic between versions. Roll out features slowly over a period of time or compare different versions of your website.

Provide support over video meetings

Provide remote support with a Hangouts Meet video meeting. You can use the built-in chat to help figure out what the problem is and if you need to dig further, start an impromptu video meeting. Hangouts Meet works on computers and mobile devices, so you can use it in the office or when you’re on the go.

Share support answers and info in a Team Drive

Keep all your manuals, notes, instructions, and help videos in a shared Team Drive. Files in a Team Drive belong to the team instead of an individual. If team members leave, the files stay put so your team can continue to share information and get work done.

Work while you’re on the go

When you’re away from your desk, you can still check email, access chat, and work on files from your phone or tablet. Just download the corresponding Google app. Any changes you make automatically sync to the web and to all your other devices, so you’re always up to date, everywhere.

Train users remotely

If a new process or software rolls out to tech support, get people up to speed using presentations in Slides. You can present to a remote audience using Hangouts and run Q&A sessions to make sure issues are answered.

Filter urgent email requests

Label important emails in Gmail, so they don’t get lost in your inbox. For example, you can set up a filter to add the label Urgent if the request has the word “urgent” in it. Or, for customers whose requests are top priority, you can label their emails as Important.

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