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Make yourself known in your email

In digital marketing, building a good reputation is key to establishing your customer base. For instance, to let people know who you are and trust the content you’re sending, include your name and email address in the From field in Gmail. Keep subject lines under 10 words to summarize the essence of your email and focus on what’s most useful and relevant. Even better, choose an image, such as your organization’s logo or a photo of you, as your Gmail picture. When people hover over your name in their inboxes, contacts, or Hangouts lists, they’ll see the picture and recognize who you are.

Run promotional email campaigns more efficiently

When you organize a campaign, you’ll likely repeat the same promotional information. Work faster by saving your reply with canned responses in Gmail. The next time you want to include that information, just select the saved response so you don’t have to type it again.

Organize winning campaigns

Setting up a campaign can be time-consuming and difficult to coordinate. In the planning phase, keep marketing team members in the loop about details and schedules by creating a team calendar. When your campaign is ready, publicize it using Calendar. You can even include promotional resources, such as flyers stored in Drive or a Team Drive. Then, build an external website for your campaign with details, promotional media, and more using Sites. Customers can get all the information they need in one place from any device.

Appear in Search results and get noticed locally

First, create a go-to online destination for your organization by creating a website in Sites with blog posts, product details, and other promotions. Keep the site relevant and updated regularly to help boost search engine optimization (SEO). Then, maximize traffic to your site by linking to a Google+ page. Increase visibility further by using hashtags in your posts. Finally, give your website a public identity and presence on Search by listing it for free with Google My Business. Include a phone number to encourage customer calls, and add your location to help them find you.

Reach new audiences with effective ads

Make your website ads stand out with special offers, promotions, or flash sales. Entice customers with strong call-to-action banners and buttons, such as Buy or Book a Table. Video ads are a great way to reach and engage new customers and promote products or your organization. When creating ads, try to keep them under 30 seconds and showcase your brand in the opening moments so people don’t miss it. Share the video recording on Sites, on a Google+ post, or on your organization’s official YouTube channel. Also, remember that on some social media sites, your video ad will play without sound for the first few seconds, so think of ways to engage viewers during that critical point.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Great mobile websites turn visitors into buyers, so create mobile-friendly websites using Sites. First, develop your site so it works smoothly on mobile devices. The pages should automatically adjust to whatever screen size the customer is using. Try out your website on a mobile device, too. How does it look? Is it easy to navigate? Are phone numbers set up so visitors can call you with a single tap? Then, when you’re ready to run mobile ads, make use of ad services like AdWords. Think about the phrases potential customers might search for. On mobile, people tend to use fewer and shorter terms, so keep your keywords concise and relevant.

Get noticed with social media

When you create a profile on Google+ or other social media platforms, include timely, useful information to increase your chances of appearing in search results. Then, start conversations with customers by experimenting with different types of posts, such as crowdsourcing feedback on new products, sharing photos and videos, and more. Consider your business goals, focus your posts around them, and track how people respond. If product photos get lots of attention, then use them to engage your followers.

Showcase new products

Want to share a new product with your customers? Quickly create a powerful Slides presentation that describes the product’s features and benefits, unique selling point, and more. Make your presentation even more dynamic by adding images and videos. Then, increase awareness by embedding your presentation on your organization’s website using Sites.

Collect product feedback from customers

When your new product is in the early stages of development, create a survey in Forms and embed it in Sites to capture customer feedback. When you have enough responses, product-marketing managers can sort, organize, and analyze the results in Sheets and plan the best way to move the product forward.

Produce and share quality creative assets with your marketing agency

Working on creative assets with a marketing agency? Need to make sure everyone has the latest designs, videos, PDFs, and more? Save work files and folders in Drive or a Team Drive and instantly share them with your agency. When someone incorporates feedback and approvals, you can easily see what files have changed and everyone stays on the same page across time zones.

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