Draft and share technical specifications

When you're planning a new website, use Docs to draft all your technical specs. Then, share the specs with your team for feedback so everyone agrees on what needs to be built.

Store and archive files in one place

If you store your technical specs, scripts, and other files in Drive or a Team Drive, you can access them on any device, anytime. And, if something goes wrong with a file or a build isn’t ready for publishing, you can revert to a previous version.

Create easy, impactful websites

Whether you're setting up an intranet for your company, a project website for your team, or a portal for customers, you can create websites using Sites. It’s easy to insert documents, spreadsheets, calendars, and more without complex development work because Sites is integrated with other Google products. If your site is public, you can increase site traffic with Google My Business.

Make your website more engaging

Websites compete with one another for visitors, so making your site stand out is important to increase web traffic. Start with a strong visual style by adding colorful images, contrasting themes, and font styles. Increase interactivity by adding features, such as calendars, maps, or YouTube videos. Engage your customers by posting news updates and running online promotions in Google+. Finally, help people find your site in search results by boosting search engine optimization (SEO).

Make your website mobile-friendly

Many people access websites on their phones, so it’s important to make sure your site will run smoothly on different mobile devices. Sites automatically adjusts your website content for different screen sizes and adds functionalities for certain device types, such as tappable phone numbers to make a call. You can also increase mobile traffic with AdWords. On mobile devices, people tend to use fewer and shorter terms, so keep your keywords concise and relevant.

Build advanced, dynamic websites

To create advanced features and scripts, build your web and mobile apps with Google App Engine and Google Cloud Platform. Let site visitors sign in with their email accounts, save form responses to a database, create content management systems, and more. Develop new features without affecting the live site through Cloud Platform's revision control. Preview your changes and compare site versions, then choose the changes you want to launch.

Share prototypes with remote teams or clients

If you work with international teams or clients, use Hangouts Meet to hold impromptu video meetings. Share your screen to show early drafts and get feedback before publishing.

Track team progress and schedules

When your team is working on a complex project, it can be difficult for everyone to keep up with changing deadlines, people’s progress, and the latest updates. Track feature assignments or launch deadlines using shared project plans and schedules in Sheets. Everyone can directly update their progress in real time, no matter where they are in the world.

Keep everyone in the loop with an email list

If you want to share prototypes and status updates with your team, use Groups to set up an email list. Then, you can reach everyone with a single email address.

Collect and analyze visitor feedback

Want to get insights from customers so you can improve their overall website experience? Create an online survey to gauge site satisfaction and embed it in your website using Forms. Or, use Google Analytics to analyze visitor traffic, so you can improve marketing campaigns and site reliability.

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