Use Docs to get consensus on job descriptions

Many recruitment efforts fail at the earliest phase—creating the job description. When the hiring manager and HR hiring team are on the same page about what makes a great candidate, you’ll have an easier time finding the right person for the job.

Use Docs with your team to create content at the same time, provide specific feedback through real-time comments, and produce a winning job description that captures everyone’s perspectives.

Increase your presence and effectiveness at career fairs using Hangouts and Chromebooks

Representing your organization well at career fairs helps you attract the best candidates, but getting the right people to commit a lot of time or travel long distances can be a challenge. Create a virtual team with Hangouts and Chromebooks to support onsite representatives and take advantage of hiring opportunities, from anywhere in the world.

Improve collaboration among interviewers with Docs

Interviews can be a very complex process with numerous candidates, several roles to fill, many interviewers per candidate—all in a single day. With so many moving parts, it’s important to conduct interviews effectively and efficiently.

Keep your interview notes in Docs and share it with recruiters so they can see feedback in real time and identify areas that subsequent interviewers should focus on. With a more informed interview team conducting more productive interviews, this complex process gets a little easier.

Track interviewing pipeline statuses and updates with Sheets

Making sure your recruiting teams, hiring teams, and stakeholders receive timely updates is a challenge when you’re juggling different candidate pipelines, frequent updates, and multiple means of reporting. Use Sheets to track, monitor, and report on the pipeline statuses so everyone can access the latest information in one place and ask task-specific questions right in the spreadsheet.

Improve your offer acceptance rate with group video calls in Hangouts

When you’ve decided to make an offer to a candidate, you’ll want to stand out from all the other options he’s weighing. Rather than communicating your offer over the phone, make your offer more memorable and welcoming by doing it face-to-face with Hangouts. For instance, have a candidate’s hiring manager, referrer, interviewers, and future peers present the job offer together over a group video call to show their support and enthusiasm.

Conduct more insightful remote interviews by combining Hangouts and Docs

Although you can get content samples from candidates, the most accurate way to understand their ability to code or write is seeing them do it in real time. But don’t wait for late-stage onsite interviews to test a candidate’s skills.

In the early stages of the recruiting process, share Docs with candidates during remote Hangouts interviews. As a candidate writes code or other content in the shared document, the interviewer can see the candidate’s thought process when solving challenges, ask clarification questions, and evaluate a final sample that truly reflects whether the candidate is suitable for the job.

Simplify the onboarding process by hosting training resources in Sites

New employees often get lost in large or distributed companies, which is why most turnover occurs within the first few months of starting. Create a Sites web page with all your onboarding and training resources so they can quickly get up to speed and easily find important reference materials.

Collect feedback from peers quickly with Forms—no survey software required

It can be difficult to get quick feedback on employee performance, project initiatives, and other activities if you don’t have the right tools or the time to approach all of your peers. Forms makes it easy to create surveys and send them to large groups of people at once—add a bit of executive support and fun to help your response rates skyrocket.

Keep curriculum current and consistent by storing them in Drive

If your organization’s instructors teach the same curriculum around the world, making sure they’re using up-to-date materials can be tricky. People often share new versions of content as email attachments, but as content and versions increase, so does the likelihood that some instructors will miss a few updates (or update the wrong versions) and teach with outdated materials.

To keep your course content current, store them in a Drive folder or a Team Drive and share it with all the instructors. If someone edits a document or presentation, other instructors can see the changes and add feedback in real time. Updates are pushed out to everyone immediately, so the curriculum always stays up-to-date and consistent for every class around the globe.

Teach courses anywhere in the world with virtual classrooms in Hangouts

As companies grow, training needs and costs multiply. Instead of setting up new training programs in every location, turn existing programs into virtual classrooms so remote employees can attend trainings online through Hangouts. You can even record the training to make it available later, so encourage your organization’s experts to lead their own training series and share them with employees all over the world.

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