Draft and share design research

When you're designing a new app or website, use Docs to draft study plans, use cases, personas, competitive analysis notes, and more. Then, share your documents with team members or clients to get feedback.

Store your research and design files in one place

Keep all your research files and recordings in Drive. All your content is private until you share it, so any sensitive information stays safe. If something goes wrong with a file, you can revert to a previous version.

If you’d rather work on Drive files from your desktop, use Drive File Stream. All your Drive files appear and are streamed on demand, so they don’t take up storage space on your computer.

Share plans or lab time on a team calendar

To get visibility into what your colleagues are working on or share resources, such as lab facilities, create a team calendar. You can add specific people or an entire organization.

Share design ideas and prototypes

Create a prototype or presentation in Slides that includes your wireframes, storyboards, or workflows. Then, present your ideas with clients anywhere in the world during a Hangouts video meeting.

Screen potential participants for studies

Create a form to see if potential participants meet the criteria for your study. Send responses to a spreadsheet that you can customize to fit your study.

Hold interviews or user tests with people in remote locations

Interview remote users while they test your product to record their responses and reactions. In a Hangouts Meet video meeting, users can also share their screen, so you can see exactly what’s going on as they test the product. Remote team members can join the meeting to observe the study.

Gather your team's interviews and test results

Easily analyze findings by collecting each team member’s research data in a form. Add targeted questions, such as interviewer name, subject role, observation, and time. When responses come in, you can send them automatically to a spreadsheet. Then, in Sheets, easily filter key user journeys, pain points, and other important results. You can also get instant charts or pivot tables using Explore.

Have users keep a diary of their experiences

Keep a record of user experiences with your app or website through a diary study. Create a template in Docs that you can send to every user. You can collaborate on each document with yourself and the user, so you’ll see their feedback as it happens.

Learn about your website users through analytics

Want to get insights from users so you can improve your website? Use Analytics to see how users find and use your site, if design changes impact visitor metrics, and more. Then, use Google Apps Script to import your data into Sheets.

Create a group email address to easily communicate with your team

As a designer, you’ll often work with a larger team, including project managers, engineers, and more. Share your files with everyone at once by creating an email group.

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