Enforce secure information access and compliance with corporate-managed devices and HIPAA-compliant file repositories

Maintaining corporate standards, control, governance, and compliance shouldn’t preclude your employees from using the best tools available. Implement mobile device management and device-level encryption with Android for Work or Chromebooks for a secure file-sharing solution.

Then, create a single HIPAA-compliant* Drive repository where employees can securely store all your organization’s documentation and information—regardless of file format. Drive’s Enterprise-class syncing and sharing features allow the appropriate employees to access, share, and collaborate on their files. Now your organization has a centralized destination for all important information, which any employee (or just a select group) can access anytime, from any corporate-managed device.

*The Drive guide below covers how to create a central file repository for your organization, but not how to achieve HIPAA compliance. Visit the G Suite Help Center for information on how to achieve HIPAA compliance.

Improve clinical operations with a paperless, collaborative Drive platform

Using Drive or Team Drives, doctors and nursing staff can store and share digital copies of x-rays, CT scans, voice and video messages, and other diagnostic tests results. Shared Drive files update in real time and can be viewed from any device (Android devices, Chromebooks, iPads®, and more) in a secured environment, minimizing the constraints posed by many EHR/EMR applications.

Train your healthcare professionals anytime, anywhere, from any device

Training healthcare professionals across many locations, shifts, and products? From onboarding to continuing education, It’s easy to create a self-service training portal. Just store all your training materials in Drive or a Team Drive, then embed these stored files in Sites. Then, use Chromebooks at your on-site training locations as secure kiosk-style training devices. If you need live training across the globe, conduct a virtual class with Hangouts to save time and travel costs. You can even record the training to make it available on-demand later.

Improve patient experience with fast registration, communication, and feedback

After arriving, patients fill out online registration forms (created in Forms) at a Chromebook kiosk; Sheets captures their responses to help staff keep track of the patient queue. During the appointment, doctors and nurses add administrative information to the same spreadsheet; Sheets updates in real time so waiting room and registration staff instantly know what to share—such as follow-up appointments and reminders—with individual patients before they leave. If patients need to stay at a facility long-term, they can use Hangouts on any device to stay connected to family and friends. At the end of the appointment, patients complete another Forms survey at the Chromebook kiosk to provide feedback so you can continuously improve patient experience.

Manage hospital operation processes online, from any device

Streamline your hospital operation processes and go paperless by moving all your operations and processes online. With Forms, you can create electronic forms for patient feedback, employee time off requests, supply orders, acknowledgements of company policies, and more—in just minutes. These forms are easy to update and can be accessed from kiosks, computers, or mobile devices.

Securely create, manage, and display digital brand assets for the entire organization

Healthcare entities create and manage a large amount of content to support both internal organizational and external communication needs. Create digital signage assets like wayfinding resources, cafeteria menus, schedules for upcoming therapy sessions, pharma advertising, allergy information, and more with Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Provide transparency and increase productivity by managing organizational metrics like room occupancy rates, nurses on duty, and patient wait times in Sheets. Store all of your content in Drive or a Team Drive so employees always access the most up-to-date versions. Then, go paper-free by distributing and displaying these assets digitally, such as with Chromebook kiosks.

Quickly recruit, interview, and onboard healthcare professionals

Healthcare companies are constantly looking to attract new employees, so shortening the recruiting and onboarding process improves the bottom line. After interested candidates submit their information through Forms, you can conduct interviews with your top choices from anywhere in the world with Hangouts. Then, streamline the onboarding process with a Sites website with new employee checklists and onboarding tasks.

Make ongoing, in-home, and hospice care easier by enhancing mobile healthcare

As telemedicine and mobile experiences become more prevalent, healthcare professionals need to access up-to-date information at all times, whether they’re in the office, in the field, visiting patients at home, or providing live-in care.

G Suite updates in real-time so you can access the most recent versions from any device—phones, tablets, computers, and Chromebook. Securely store patient files such as diagnoses, charts, and test results in Drive or a Team Drive. Increase productivity by tracking patient information in Docs or Sheets. Long distances and travel costs are no longer obstacles to quality treatment—provide consultations, office hours, and other doctor-patient conversations virtually by combining Calendar appointment slots and Hangouts video calls. Then, ensure the most effective treatment possible by creating a shared Calendar with each patient and adding times for appointments, medicine dosages, and other critical medical tasks.

Coordinate and communicate a patient plan across multiple caregivers

Because hospital patients often interact with at least ten different healthcare professionals, effective patient coordination has positive impacts such as healthy outcomes, lower costs, and fewer return visits. G Suite makes it easy to communicate and coordinate a single, consistent care plan across health professionals and specialities. Create a patient folder in Drive or Team Drives and store the patient’s files, such as diagnoses, charts, and test results. Securely share access to this patient folder with all appropriate caregivers. Then, in the same folder, create Docs for medical notes or Sheets to track tasks and outcomes for that patient’s treatment. You can even ask specific caregivers follow-up questions with the Comment feature. All the files in this folder update in real-time, so caregivers instantly access the most recent information anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Centralize key assets so employees can find all important updates and documents in one place

Keep all internal communication, announcements, policy updates, and trainings in a single Sites website. Now your organization has a one-stop destination for all important information, which any employee (or just a select group) can access anytime, from any device.

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